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Professor Vladimir Krupoderov, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences

"There is annual increase of dangerous geological process development - earthquakes, landslides, mudflows, karsts, erosion, abrasion - in Russia. They cause huge damage, accompanied by fatalities and material losses. In the meantime, this problem is solved on the principle of "a fire brigade": once disaster strikes, we arrive, bury dead, distribute money - and wait till the next time".

Work stages

  1. Geodesic survey
  2. Installation of soil anchors or spikes
  3. Laying of drain and waste pipes
  4. Fastening of metal or composite grid
  5. Shotcreting (fibrous concrete) up to designed thickness.

2. Soil anchors are installed

1. Geodesic survey

3. Drain or waste pipes are laid

4. Metal grid is fastened


A type of concreting where concrete mixture is applied to a work surface using compressed air. Shotcreting advantage over other methods lies within complete mechanization of processes incorporated into a single working operation - concrete transportation, laying and compaction. As a result of shotcreting a soil stabilizing coating possesses unique properties:

  • increased mechanical strength (В 60-80 / Btb 3,6-6,0)
  • frost resistance F 400-1000
  • waterproofing > W 12
  • working surface adhesion > 2.0 MPa
  • increased crack resistance

This method allows to complete the following tasks:

  • soil stabilization
  • excavation protection
  • slope and rock wall protection
  • primary support in underground and
    mining development
  • repair of tunnel coatings and linings
  • onshore flood protection


  1. Minimum amount of time for shotcrete soil protection preparation
  2. Equipment mobility and independence
  3. Space-saving equipment enables work execution in hard-to-reach spots
  4. Effective robotized work equipment is able to execute considerable scope of work
  5. Quick shotcrete strength gain effectively stabilizes soil in a very short time