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Most existing hydraulic structures in Russia were built 50 - 180 years ago and only 31% of the structures possess a normal safety level, the rest of them possess low to dangerous safety levels.

Wear and tear of most structures occurs due to material corrosion influenced by natural and industrial factors.


A type of concreting where concrete mixture is applied to a work surface using compressed air. Shotcreting advantage over other methods lies within complete mechanization of processes incorporated into a single working operation - concrete transportation, laying and compaction. As a result of shotcreting a soil stabilizing coating possesses unique properties:

  • increased mechanical strength (В 60-80 / Btb 3,6-6,0)
  • frost resistance F 400-1000
  • waterproofing > W 12
  • working surface adhesion > 2.0 MPa
  • increased crack resistance
Repair work stages
Hydroabrasive surface preparation
Procedure peculiarities
  • no microcracks caused in concrete matrix structure
  • metal reinforcement is not damaged
  • metal reinforcement is cleaned by pressurized water application
  • only damaged concrete is eliminated
  • industrial equipment enables to reduce total expenses for entire repair works
Shotcrete application