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Damage caused by building construction corrosion stands in Russia at hundreds of billions of roubles per year according to expert estimation.

Due to natural ageing and altered operating conditions the rate of building and structure destruction has increased significantly in recent decades, as evidenced by increase in accidents and natural and industrial disasters. Shotcreting is an effective method of concrete and masonry structure reinforcement.


A type of concreting where concrete mixture is applied to a work surface using compressed air.

Shotcreting advantage over other methods lies within complete mechanization of processes incorporated into a single working operation - concrete transportation, laying and compaction. Placed shotcrete possesses unique properties:

  • Increased mechanical strength
    (В60-80 / Btb 3,6-6,0)
  • frost resistance F 400-1000
  • waterproofing > W 12
  • working surface adhesion > 2.0
  • increased crack resistance
Area of application
  • masonwork and concrete structure reinforcement
  • steel structure reinforcement
  • concrete protective layer rehabilitation
  • profile rehabilitation
  • repair of damage caused by wear and tear, acid, gas, fire explosions, frost, and excessive load
  • elimination of concrete structure defects
  • bridge and relieving wall repair
  • reinforced coating restoration
  • fire resistant protection